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  • Asia's Importance

    New Brunswick has increasingly recognized opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. In 1997, the province was the first jurisdiction in the world to offer an education partnership with China. In 2012 and 2013, New Brunswick continued to seek out educational business partnerships in Asia, as well as to attract greater Asian investment in energy and mining, advanced manufacturing, and information technology. The province’s Economic Development Action Plan 2012-2016 and the 2013-2018 Growing Global Markets action plan also identified a number of ways in which the province plans to move closer to Asia:

    • New Brunswick is looking to India and other emerging markets to reduce dependence on the United States for energy exports
    • China provides significant market opportunities for renewable fuel sources and green building products
    • New Brunswick plans to be involved in a number of Asia-related projects
    • The province plans to use the Atlantic Gateway to support greater market diversification towards Asia
  • Twinning Relationships

    Three of New Brunswick’s sister cities are in Asia - St-John has sister city agreements with Shantou, China and Donghae, South Korea; and Fredericton forged a sister city relationship with Gangnam District, South Korea. The province also has one Asian sister province - Hebei Province, China - signed in 2001.

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From 2000 to 2015, the number of Asian tourists entering New Brunswick from abroad grew by 51%,

while the number of American tourists directly entering the province declined by 35%.