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    The Northwest Territories has increased its engagement with Asia in recent years. In the territory’s Economic Opportunities Strategy, the territorial government took note of the impact Asian demand has on the territory's goods; a slowdown in demand for diamonds from a growing Chinese and Indian middle-class has meant slower growth for NWT’s diamond industry, which is the third largest in the world.  In 2013, Premier Bob McLeod led a delegation to China to promote the territory’s fur, diamond, tourism and natural resource industries; 70 per cent of the territory’s furs currently go to China. In 2013, the premier also visited China as part of a trade delegation and met with Asian investors interested in the territory’s minerals and natural gas. The Premier noted that “The Asian market is something we have to seriously look at, and with the sea ice conditions changing, the ability to transport out of the Northwest Territories is not as daunting as task as it used to be.”

    In 2015, the government released its China Strategy and Action Plan, calling for more engagement with China on trade, tourism, culture and education. The strategy identified export opportunities in fur and diamonds in particular, and called for exploring a sister province MOU, increased marketing efforts in China, and much more.

    The territory's 2015-15 Marketing Plan mentions Japan, China, South Korea, and India as important tourist markets.

    The provincial government's tourism strategy document Tourism 2020 notes growing Japanese and Chinese markets for the territory's tourism industry.

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India has been the Northwest Territories’ top Asian export economy since 2010.