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  • Asia's Importance

    Prince Edward Island's Island Prosperity: A Focus for Change strategy placed emphasis on the province's need to better integrate and attract skilled immigrants, as well as recruit international students. PEI's main source of immigration between 2006 and 2009 was China, with many Chinese immigrants having been drawn to the province through its Provincial Nominee Program. During a trade mission to a number of Asian countries in February 2014, Premier Robert Ghiz sought to increase the number of tourists and students coming to the country from Asia; the province had historically seen high levels of tourists from Japan, upwards of 10,000. In recent years, however, the province has struggled to retain both skilled immigrants and high levels of Asian tourism.

    PEI has strong trade links to the region, particularly with Japan and Taiwan; in 2012, the province was the fastest-growing exporter to Taiwan in Canada. On the recent free trade agreement between Canada and South Korea, Minister of Innovation and Advanced Learning Allen Roach noted that the deal would encourage new partnerships between "the Island and South Korea, as well as with the Asian marketplace in general." The Innovation P.E.I. Annual Report 2014-15 noted that South Korea was the second-most important export market for P.E.I., after the U.S.

  • Twinning Relationships

    Prince Edward Island has one sister city agreement in Asia (Charlottetown and Ashibetsu, Japan). The province has also been a sister province with Hainan, China - another island province - since 2001. The two provinces renewed their sister province relationship in 2011.

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Anne of Green Gables, or Akage no An, is huge in Japan. Renditions of Anne in Japan are numerous and have appeared in “Canada World” in Hokkaido, anime, tv shows, musicals, and documentary films. The love for Akage no An has contributed to Prince Edward Island’s exports to Japan and receipt of numerous Japanese tourists.